Articles & Books by Barbara Weiss

“Look up” A magazine for RIBA Friends of Architecture, 2016
“London, a city of towers?” Conservation Bulletin, 2016
"Tall Buildings" New London Quarterly, 2016
“Stirring Memories: Palladian Design – The Good, The Bad and The Unexpected” Architecture Today, 2015
“Learning From Italian Jobs” Architecture Today, 2015
Do it with an Architect: How to Survive Refurbishing your Home Mitchell Beazley in association with RIBA Publications, 1999. (co-authored with Louis Hellman)
"Storage": a Home Design Workbook Published by Dorling Kindersley, 1997 (Co-authored with Dinah Hall)
Publication of AA thesis on Angiolo Mazzoni Sites Magazine (US), 1989
"American museums: Three examples" with Debbi Norden Lotus International, 1982

Books by Nicholas Jamieson

"Good Practice Guide: Inspecting Works" Published by RIBA Publications, 2009
Construction Companion to Inspecting Works Published by RIBA Publications, 2003

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